The Y.H.G.M. Brand Presents: Welcome to Y.H.G.M

After a seemingly endless wait, Milly Esquire & everybody affiliated with The Y.H.G.M. Brand have finally unleashed the highly anticipated Welcome to Y.H.G.M. project upon the world. Featuring the brand in its entirety, this new tape epitomizes the movement and shows everyone what this talented clique of individuals is capable of. Make sure you DL the tape immediately! Hit the jump!

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Vans x Supreme Half-Cab Giraffe’s

Back to back sneaker posts in one day, where is this blog heading?! Sike, these are fly though. The Vans x Supreme collaboration is generally one of the most sought after sneakers of the season, so make sure to grab these while you can once they hit retail. When that will be who knows, but hit the jump and check out some more pictures to tide you over.

(via Highsnobciety)

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Jordan Spizikes: Obama Edition

Spike Lee is a legend in his own right. When it comes to the silver screen and fly sneakers, Spike is an authority. He took to his Twitter yesterday and unveiled the limited edition Barack Obama Spizikes.

Looking like Barack has never been so easy. Fully equipped with a custom wood ingrained box, vibrant colorway, and steez fit for the prez, Jordan really outdid themselves with this commemorative piece. Hit the bounce to check out Spike & Barack kicking it with the new kicks.

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Rihanna To Perform With Coldplay At Grammy’s

As if seeing the two perform separately wouldn’t be spectacular enough, the Barbadian temptress will join the boys from across the pond in what will prove to be an epic performance. With both Mylo Xyloto and Talk That Talk seeing success in 2011, seems like the right way to go. Rihanna is featured on Coldplay’s newest CD on a song entitled Princess of China, so its safe to assume we know what they are going to perform.

The rest of the performances, on the other hand, I could honestly do without. They include but are not limited to Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean (whoever the fuck that is), Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, & The Foo Fighters. I am not too sure how you all feel about this roster, but I feel like its commercial, and whack. Aside from Ri-Ri & Coldplay, and the fact that LL Cool J is hosting, don’t be surprised if performance-wise this years Grammy Awards is whack.

YHGM Takes Over Baltimore

Young Hustlaz Gettin’ Money, otherwise known as YHGM is kicking off what will prove to be a huge 2012 this Thursday (tomorrow) at Club Sonar in downtown Baltimore. The brand in its entirety will tear up one of the Charm City’s most prized venues in what will serve as a massive coming out party. its $10 before 10 pm, so sure you snag your tickets now, because we cannot make any promises at the door. Hit the bounce to see what else we have in store for the greater Baltimore area in the coming weeks.

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Paradigm Unveils Spring/Summer Collection

The Château de Versailles is the epitome of decadence and glamour. To Louis XIII it was merely a quaint hunting lodge in the Parisian suburbs, but to his predecessor it was truly an artistic masterpiece representing the highest echelon of societal glamour. It was Louis XIV who transformed the palatial estate into the global wonder it is today, also known as The Sun King, it seemingly makes a lot more sense. Hit the jump to see what Paradigm has in store, and what this magnificent architectural establishment has to do with it.

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