In 2011, college friends Marcus Cheatham and Ryan Rossi collaborated to contrive a cultural colossus. Paradigm Wear was born, and the street wear industry would be changed forever. You can tell that this brand is different merely by reading the first line in the About section of their fledgling website, stating, “Paradigm Wear offers value and inspiration to the current generation through a unique style of symbolism”. Not at any point do they mention clothing, fashion, or anything of the sort, which is an immeasurable change of pace.

Whereas most companies in the fashion industry are strictly focused on the aesthetics of their product, and how they look, Paradigm Wear transcends the aesthetic and is more so infatuated with the message their brand conveys. Their overall goal for the brand is not to be in upscale fashion boutiques, or to rake in revenue, but to “encourage buyers to achieve their full potential in life”.

With the drive, desire, and ambition these guys have, paired with their creative genius, it is hard to see Paradigm not taking off in the extremely near future.

After months of blood, sweat, and tears, the fellas at Paradigm announced that they have been sanctioned to go ahead with their first official clothing line. Dropping on the 7th of December, Plus5060 will emulate the slick, savvy, transitional styles of the 1950s and 1960s, yet again paying homage to the illustrious times in history these eras truly were.

Sprouting with individuality and swag, Paradigm’s Plus5060 line is set to consist of four -upper-echelon T-shirts, one long-sleeve shirt, a crew neck, a highly-anticipated hoody, along with a selection of one or two snapbacks, which of course everyone and their grandma has been repping since Tyga and co. have been on the scene. But I guarantee you have not seen anything comparable to what Paradigm is going to be putting out.

So I guess at this point, you can only ask yourself one question……

Are you ready to live the Digm Life?

 Twitter: @ParadigmWear