As any devoted fan of the boys from across the pond will tell you, Coldplay albums are few and far between, and it seems like it has been a decade since Viva La Vida. But Chris Martin and company have been hard at work constructing their newest record, which is hopefully going to be released sometime in 2011. Yet they have not let their loyal fans wait go in vein, with the release of ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ in June, the British rock collective semi-satisfied their followers appetite for new material, at least for a little while. Wednesday night, Coldplay played on Jimmy Kimmel live from Los Angeles, debuting a new song entitled ‘Charlie Brown’ as well as performing the June single. Coldplay’s reign in the music world is nowhere near over, and you can expect this to be a prolific, historic group when all is said and done. Rumors have been circulating that upon the release of the new album, whenever that may be, Coldplay will be joining alternative-rock band The Fray on a world tour.