After months and months of patiently waiting, the highly anticipated joint LP from Rockafella’s own Mr. Carter and Mr. West. And having finally gotten to listen to it in its glorious entirety, I can honestly say I am far from disappointed. It is a nostalgic yet refreshingly new album, that reminds Hip-Hop fans spanning the globe who still reigns supreme in this rap game that we all love so much.

Another aspect of this project that really stood out was Frank Ocean’s appearances on two tracks. No Church in the Wild, the opening song on the album really sets the tone for the record well, and the Odd Future star makes sure his presence is felt immediately.

Strictly based on my first straight-through listen, my top 5 favorite tracks are as follows:

5. Otis: The soulful sample combined with the raw, gritty verses is fire. And its impossible not to tap your foot to this one.

4. No Church in the Wild: Plain and simple, I love Frank Ocean. He makes the track, kid has serious potential. I mean he’s got to if he is featured twice on tho album….right?

3. Niggas In Paris: Come on, you can’t have a Will Ferrell Blades of Glory sample on the intro and not have it make the list. Sike, jokes aside this is an ill track. Beat pounding with Ye and Hova tearing it up, vintage.

2. Who Gon Stop Me: Toting a womp-tastic dubstep beat. The fellas murder this one.

1. Gotta Have It: self explanatory

Overall, I would be hard pressed to not give this record a 10/10. Its real Hip-Hop. Watch the Throne is on some next level shit in every aspect. Lyrically cerebral and strong. Instrumentally catchy, classy, and tight. Meshes the controvertible styles of Kanye and Hova together seamlessly. This is art.