Follow the link to see a CNN news story on a racially motivated murder in Jackson, MS that occurred this past week. Not much can be said about this case. The video shows a group of white teenagers mercilessly beating blue-collar working man James Craig Anderson to a pulp. Once done delivering the beating, the driver of the truck, proceeds to plow their victim down with his massive F-250.  This is exactly what is wrong with the world we live in. I did not know that we still lived in a time where things like this still happened. SMH.

We in American go about the things that we do every single day not even able to fathom the fact that things like this still occur in this nation on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is, we just ignore it, because I mean, if we don’t see or hear about it, it didn’t even happen right?

Things like this can no longer be ignored. We can’t just brush this off. We do not like in the era of Jim Crow anymore, these racially driven attacks are unacceptable. I hate to be cliche, but, why can’t we all just get along?