Lee Evans desire to be traded from his long-time team the Buffalo Bills was announced during the Baltimore Ravens first pre-season game last night in Philadelphia. But just because the team was on the field, did not mean that Ozzie Newsome was off his game.

When the Ravens heard of Evans’ availability, Newsome leaped into action like Batman when he sees the Bat Signal. By mid-day today, Evans was a Baltimore player.

Having only sacrificed a 4th round draft pick to acquire Evans, the Ravens now have the deep threat wideout they so desperately needed to pair with Anquan Boldin and rookie Torrey Smith. Many people in the organization feel that Smith will be the receiver of the future, but after not pulling in a single ball in the game against the new-look Eagles, his clout was already beginning to be questioned.

The Ravens are all to familiar with Evans, the longest tenured player on Buffalo’s offensive unit. He caught three TD passes against the Ravens last season in an overtime win for the Bills.

Evans provides the Ravens with a much needed vertical-threat for Joe Flacco heading into his fourth season at quarterback.

This move will undoubtedly please Ravens fans, who have been patiently waiting for them to make some sort of big name offseason acquisition. Evans definitely fits the bill.