Though it may not have the same ferocity as when it wreaked havoc upon the Bahamas and Caribbean, Hurricane Irene has finally touched down on U.S. soil.

With at least six East Coast states taking extreme precautionary measures, the seemingly menacing tropical depression is creeping it’s way up the right side of this great nation. Leaving in its path a wake up destruction…..we think?

As of late Friday evening, the storm was just striking land on the coast of North Carolina, and was still boasting 100 mph winds. So obviously this little storm does still have some bite to it. Hurricane warnings have been issues for every single state between North Carolina and New York, and even some locations as far north as Martha’s Vineyard have watches.

As of right now, evacuations due to the weather have encompassed 2.3 million people at the minimum. 1 million from New Jersey, 315,000 in Maryland, 300,000 in North Carolina, 200,000 in Virginia, and finally 100,000 in DC. So Irene is obviously causing a bit of panic.

Grocery stores around me are sold out of water, bread, batteries, and milk. Traffic has been horrendous at the most inauspicious times, and people are just genuinely freaking out. Personally, I think it is all for naught, at least where I live in particular. At the most Baltimore is going to get 4-6 inches of rain and some wind. It’s the people living in the coastal cities like Ocean City (MD x NJ), The Outer Banks, and New York City that could be in the most trouble.

So to anyone that will be dealign with the wrath of Irene today, wherever you may be, stay safe, stay dry, and weather the storm! Cheers.