Two days ago, rumors began circulating around the entertainment/hip-hop community that a sex tape featuring J. Cole and R&B goddess Rihanna had surfaced, and become available for purchase. A few grainy screen shots and some allegations later, a ‘sex tape’ was born!

I mean technically, it could make sense. They did in fact just wrap up a tour together, so they had been spending plenty of time with one another. Either way, both parties immediately took to the social stand a.k.a. Twitter to face the judge and jury that is society and the media.

Rihanna tweeted,

“We don’t believe U, U need more people…AND of course an actual sex tape! #slownewsday”

J. Cole took a more lyrical, prompt route by saying,

“Gossip Gossip, nigga just stop it”

Either way, this is a seriously juicy rumor, so check back for any updates regarding the matter. Cheers.