Amidst my daily aimless blog browsing, I stumbled upon an article on the New York Times website entitled Ethereal Hip-Hop, With a Slightly Bent Perspective. As I proceeded to read the article, it came to be about the Oakland, California hip-hop duo that goes my the name of Main Attrakionz.

The young collective consists of MondraM.A.N. (left) and Squadda B, seen above performing on Friday at New York City’s New Museum. In 2011 alone the duo have released four full-length LPs, the most recent of which entitled 808s and Dark Grapes II. Not to mention every since thing they put out is available for free via their Tumblr page.

You won’t hear about guys like this in the main stream a ton, because they don’t put out physical albums. No CDs, no iTunes downloads, no records. They simply share them through blogs, forums, and online mp3 sharing. And from that point on its up to the dedicated hip-hop bloggers and journalists, such as myself, to get it out there. So I encourage you guys to check out Main Attrakionz. Also make sure you check out the New York Times article. Cheers.

Main Attrakionz – Website