I cannot lie, I did download Wayne’s latest LP when it leaked a few days ago. But hey, lets be real here, who didn’t? Either way, I waited until the official release date to give my official take on the album. The upside is I had a few days to play it out and really try and absorb it in its entirety.

I have already read about a pretty good amount of negative criticism, which comes with the territory, just as all of Weezy’s previous projects have. But keeping in mind this is the first album he actually hand wrote and then laid down in a pretty long time, according to his long-time manager. That is why I anticipated this album to be on another level cerebrally and lyrically, and honestly I was not disappointed.

Being a fan of Weezy since his Hot Boyz days when he was just breaking in to the game, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him mature in the spotlight as an artist. Tha Carter IV is a raw album peppered with a few of the mainstream hits we have all become familiar with over the last 3-4 months. I mean like 6 Foot 7 Foot, How To Love, and John.  But aside from the radio hits, it is a very good album in terms of both its lyrical content and straight up playability.  I have had it on repeat and not once had to skip a song for the most part. The only other CD I will pop in is WTT, or currently Verde Terrace.

In terms of features, it is a hall of fame line-up. Appearances from Drake, Nas, Shyne, Tecn N9ne, Rick Ross, Bun B, and Jadakiss to name a few are honestly what makes the album for me. The fifteenth track entitled Outro is simply Nas, Shyne, Busta Rhymes, and Bun B going in. It’s a little break from Weezy in the middle of his own album.

So don’t be biased. Don’t listen to anything you read about this record. Just give it a chance, and try and listen to the music. I mean really listen. Fans of old Wayne and new Wayne will appreciate it without a doubt.

Favorite Tracks:

Blunt Blowin

Nightmares of the Bottom

President Carter

Up Up And Away

She Will

Not So Much…:

How To Love

How To Hate