When news broke prior to this season that there would be a lockout of the NFL, people seriously freaked out. On the other hand, players, coaches, owners, and fans alike have been well aware of the fact that the NBA would be not far behind. After over 100 days of speculation and absolutely zero progress, the lockout has claimed the life of the inaugural two weeks of the regular season.

With weeks of fruitless negotiations and star players departing American to take their talents elsewhere in the basketball world, it seems as if we are witnessing the collapse of the empire that is the National Basketball Association. I mean let’s be real here. A few weeks ago, the head of the NBA Players Union, the foremost representative and advocate for the players rights, Lakers PG Derek Fisher, joined an “NBA Players Only” League based out of Las Vegas.

When the man leading the charge to reinstitute the season and work on restructuring some sort of new collective bargaining agreement leaves the league to play in a glorified D-League, you know all hope is lost.

I’m not saying that the NBA is going to be done for good, I’m just saying that there is a pretty fair shot that there will be no season whatsoever this year. Though there is still somewhat of a possibility the two sides could find a common ground in the coming weeks, it looks more and more unlikely each passing day.