Those familiar with the site will know all about Paradigm Wear. Created by high-school classmate & close friend Marcus Cheatham and fellow co-founder Ryan Rossi are undoubtedly up next. Check after the jump to hear all about the recent release of the game changing Plus5060 line.

If you go to and click on the About tab in the top right corner, you will get more of an insight into a brand you’ve ever seen. It is this devotion to the cause and desperation to do something that has never been done before whilst all along maintaining substance, and a clear message that makes the Paradigm so special.

It truly is more than a brand. To live the Digm is to strive to do great things, be creative, and completely unleash one’s potential upon the canvas that is the world.

Whenever we create a product, we make sure that the art displays the following themes: proactivity, leadership, the celebration of individuality, exceeding ones expectations with unique flash.

This quote directly from their website says it all. But either way, this is all about the recent release of Plus 5060. Their first official seasonal line, Marcus & Ryan, after weeks of laboring and anticipating, were proud to make the drop. In the few texts I exchanged with Marcus both prior to and during the opening of their inaugural pop-up shop on their campus at Susquehanna University, you could feel his hype just by reading his messages.

The recently released line features three tees, one long-sleeve, a varsity crew neck, as well as two dope snapbacks. In the world of street wear fashion today, it is nearly impossible to be different. There is someone that comes out of the woodworks each and everyday with some screen printed t-shirts or a few hoodies. I respect the hustle, but the majority of the time nothing makes it special. Paradigm Wear IS that something special. It is unlike anything you have ever seen, I personally guarantee.

Head over to the website and check out the renaissance in street wear that is, Paradigm.