Seeing as how this video has been circulating the web for a couple of months now, I am sure many of you have probably Stumbled Upon it both literally and figuratively. Either way, I felt it was worthy of a post. See what I have to say after the jump.

Ironically enough, as I rode to school this morning, I heard on NPR that the Occupy Baltimore “protestors” were kicked out of their post today. The majority of the people demonstrating left peacefully, making for no fuss with the police. What intrigued me though was what they said next. It was something to the extent of, “…and all the homeless occupiers were loaded up onto buses and shipped off to homeless shelters in the area.”

This statement alone encapsulated a lot of what I think the whole “movement” is really about, as does the above video from The Unlikely Conservative.

These people are sitting outside in the peak days of the winter, and protesting for a cause that they essentially do not even know anything about. That is if there is a true cause or purpose anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about bringing down “the 99%” and all, but they are going about it the wrong way. The vast majority of these homeless hypocritical hipsters continue to feed the very beast they are attempting to slay.

If my interpretation of the purpose is correct, then I am undoubtedly all for it. Consumerist, materialistic America is tearing this nation apart from the inside out, and it is only a matter of time before we suffer the repercussions on a far more serious level. But posting up outside of Wall St. and major financial institutions requesting nothing and chilling all day is not going to make that happen, as much as I wish it would. We as a generation have to be proactive, creative, and ambitious. If we want change we have to be willing to work to make it happen.