Time announced today that their annual ‘Person of the Year’ is going to be ‘The Protestor’. Considering all the infatuation with the Occupy Movement and all the momentum its gathered in the past few months, this is a seemingly logical choice. Yet it is not so much the choice as the cover itself that I’m excited about.

Anyone relatively interested in street wear and fashion is undoubtedly familiar with Obey. Whom you may not be familiar with is the man behind the mission, Shepard Fairey. A street art king and modern day propaganda revolutionary, he transformed his art form into am multinational brand.

The fact that Time chose Fairey to do the cover artwork for this famous annual edition is not only an honor, but a true acknowledgment of truly how far graffiti culture has really come. Not only is it becoming more and more welcomed in the mainstream culture, but it is really making its way slowly but surely to the borderline of acceptable artwork.