As a society, as a people as a culture, we have forgotten the true purpose of this momentous holiday. As opposed to enjoying the days for all the right reasons, we as human beings have grown selfish. Hit the jump to see my take on Christmas.

In case it may have slipped your mind at some point over the last 20 odd years, Christmas is a holiday in which we should be celebrating the birth of Christ. I mean come on, it’s in the name of the holiday itself. Not by any means am I saying wake up at 7am and head to your nearest place of worship, but our Christmas priorities are seriously misconstrued.

This time last year, I was returning from a week long trip to the Rhineland in Germany, where I travelled town to town absorbing the local culture. Considering the time of year, each and every city I ventured to was completely decked out for Christmas. Small markets riddled the streets, vendors selling festive street food, and the most ornamental decorations as far as the eye could see. The parallels between rural Europe and essentially all of America are vast.

Where we become infatuated with things come this time of year, it seems as if they abide by the ancient ethics of Christmas, enjoying as it was truly meant to be enjoyed. Our vision of this historic holiday has been forever skewed by the world of advertising, media, and material goods.

My generation especially has a problem with this in particular. Over the past 2-3 years the ‘Christmas List’ my family asks me for has gotten progressively shorter. Where video games and clothes begin to drop off the list, the voids are rarely filled. It was this particular reason exactly that made me realize that I appreciate the holiday for the right reasons now. Spending time with my family both distant and nearby. Eating delicious food and sharing stories with those who should mean the most to you. Giving back to those less fortunate than us.

You don’t have to go volunteer at a homeless shelter, return all your gifts, or sit and talk to your obnoxious aunt for two hours. All I ask of you is at some point over your holiday season, however it is you spend it, to reflect. Sit down, and really think about how lucky you are. Be thankful, say thank you, and give something back. We are fortunate enough to have so much given to us (education, material goods, a home, food, etc), how difficult is it to take 5 seconds out of the month you have off of school to thank God, thank your families, thank everyone.

Being alive is a beautiful thing, ladies and gentleman. Way more beautiful than Call of Duty on 360 or a fucking iPad. I guess what I’m trying to say is, have a merry blessed Christmas everybody. And remember, it is not about how much you spend or what physical things you received. Hopefully reading this puts the real purpose of the holiday in perspective.

We at The Nu Renaissance would like to wish you and yours the greatest of holiday seasons. Spend it with your loved ones. Tell them you love them. Tell them thank you. Enjoy those moments, for they are the most cherished in your life. Merry Christmas all, and an even happier, healthier New Year!