Since the Milly Monday series began back in October, each release has only further established Milly as one of the premier artists in the Baltimore area. This 11-song compilation tape gives followers old and new a true insight into who Milly is an an artist and a person.

Exploding with vivacious wordplay, unparalleled spirit, and creativity, this is the perfect showcase of the artist/entrepreneur that is Milly Esquire. With a big year planned in 2012, YHGM as well as their fearless leader look to continue to strive towards world domination.

1. Rap Radar [3rd Portion]
2. Milluminati (Produced By: Rob Yung)
3. Talk To Me
4. Making Me Mad [feat. Tra’ Holiday]
5. Somebody (Produced By: july2nd) [feat. Daysia Star]
6. Smile In Ya Face [feat. Tragedy]
7. What They Say (Produced By: Brey Quick) [feat. Jennifer Simone]
8. Memory Loss
9. They Don’t Even Know [feat. Tragedy]
10. Stop Callin’ My Phone [feat. Tu-KhinDz]
11. Rap Radar [Full]
Eating Milk & Drinking Cereal