First & foremost, The Nu Renaissance is a movement. It transcends the blogosphere. It is a lifestyle, & those who choose to live by it should consider themselves amongst a societal elite looking to change the world which we inhabit for the better.

In the 15th century, the Renaissance was an era when people rediscovered the cultures of Ancient Greece & Rome. It was a time of rebirth, artistic resurgence, and logical thinking. Those living during the Renaissance had a reinvigorated will to live life to the fullest & explore the vastness that the mysterious earth had to offer.

The goal and mission of The Nu Renaissance is to bring the attitudes and ideals of that period to the modern day. Through music, writing, art, and fashion, NuRen promotes becoming a part something substantial. If we as a society adopt even a few of the culturally vibrant, humanist concepts the era is famous for, we can change the world for the better.

As far as this upcoming year goes, keep your eye out for some serious strides to be made in terms of brand expansion. As of right now, this blog is the foundation of something slated for greatness. By the end of the year, I hope to vastly expand the interface of the website for starters. It will become even more of a cultural hub for all things NuRen. Also, countless hour of creative mind-racking is slowly but surely materializing into a clothing line, so keep checking back on info on that.

I’d like to thank everybody for your continued support. I do this for all of you, and hopefully we can all become a part of something truly special…even revolutionary.