The Château de Versailles is the epitome of decadence and glamour. To Louis XIII it was merely a quaint hunting lodge in the Parisian suburbs, but to his predecessor it was truly an artistic masterpiece representing the highest echelon of societal glamour. It was Louis XIV who transformed the palatial estate into the global wonder it is today, also known as The Sun King, it seemingly makes a lot more sense. Hit the jump to see what Paradigm has in store, and what this magnificent architectural establishment has to do with it.

Though it may seem to be an insurmountable task, trumping their overwhelmingly successful Plus5060 could prove simpler than previously thought.  Especially with such divine inspiration as Versailles. 1700Gold is the newest brain child of founders Marcus Cheatham and Ryan Rossi. Through the obtaining of extensive knowledge and a more thorough understanding of the direction the brand is heading, the masterminds behind the Digm have done it again.

Drawing inspiration from every corner of the glorious estate that is Versailles, Paradigm seems to be onto yet another earth-shattering concept here. They will be bringing back many familiar favorites with a new twist, like the Assembly, the Folio, and some revamped snap backs. Encapsulating the beauty and wonderment of Louis XVI’s unparalleled palace into a clothing line will be no easy task, but if anyone can pull it off with grace it is these guys. Check back for details as they unveil themselves! 1700Gold.