As if seeing the two perform separately wouldn’t be spectacular enough, the Barbadian temptress will join the boys from across the pond in what will prove to be an epic performance. With both Mylo Xyloto and Talk That Talk seeing success in 2011, seems like the right way to go. Rihanna is featured on Coldplay’s newest CD on a song entitled Princess of China, so its safe to assume we know what they are going to perform.

The rest of the performances, on the other hand, I could honestly do without. They include but are not limited to Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean (whoever the fuck that is), Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, & The Foo Fighters. I am not too sure how you all feel about this roster, but I feel like its commercial, and whack. Aside from Ri-Ri & Coldplay, and the fact that LL Cool J is hosting, don’t be surprised if performance-wise this years Grammy Awards is whack.